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Laura Koenig, portrait photographer from Graz

As a child Ms Koenig has always been impressed by her late father's fotography. At only 16, she received her first Canon camera. The rest, they say, is history.
For the past 12 years Laura Koenig's work's been based around peoplee portraits "It's something about diversity of humans. If you pay attention really closely, they begin to tell you stories".

Ms Koenig's work is focused and flawlessly executed. She strives for exceptionally specialized shots that tell stories and in some ways shows the depths of human emotions thorugh a single black and white image.
For the last three years in a row, Ms Koenig's photos have received various awards. Her works has been recognized even by some larger corporations. In her hometown of Graz, she's been known also known as a humanitarian and all-around great townsperson.

Laura Koenig is ready to work with you.

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